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Masive Gunz Newbie

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PostSubject: [K]nightMare   Mon Nov 02, 2009 9:05 pm

Hey guys,
I'm [K]nightMare...
(ok that was boring)
Ill tell a lil bit about my life Wink

My real name is Mark..
I am 15 years old..
I live in Holland/Netherlands.
I'm studying to be a Programmer.
I worked with famause gunz people... Like EuroGunZ [ApiKind is my friend ; same school] Universe GunZ [im at GFX-Team there] and Hyper GunZ... [I was Head Developer since today... But i heard from the real Owner That it was fake since they banned their own owner ...]
Btw, Xemgin told me to join here ;]
I won a couple prizes at Games [like Soldier Front] and at real live [things about computers, internet, web, programming, etc.]
I work alot with Photoshop and edit alot of things... I also make Banners, signatures/tags, avatars, interfaces and lots more with Photoshop.

Thats a litle bit about me:)
Hope you wont hate me:)
If you are good with me i will be good with you...
I also hope that everyone will post their Introduction Smile
You can post for more information Smile

You can reach me for any help by PM'ing me or just send me an email by:
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RedDeath Feat. EvilWolf
MasiveGunZ Owner
MasiveGunZ Owner

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PostSubject: welcome here   Tue Nov 03, 2009 2:52 am

welcome mark we are sorry but please register here

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MasiveGunZ Admin
MasiveGunZ Admin

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PostSubject: Re: [K]nightMare   Sat Nov 07, 2009 5:09 pm

RedDeath Feat. EvilWolf wrote:
welcome mark we are sorry but please register here

New Forum...

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PostSubject: Re: [K]nightMare   

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